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What’s clinical supervision?

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As many groups and organisations have adapted ‘clinical supervision’ to meet their own needs, it lacks a clear definition. We at ACSA support the concept that clinical supervision is a structured, professional relationship between two or more people, built on trust and respect where-in the supervisee can reflect on their practice, explore ethical issues and develop critical thinking skills. Within these sessions the supervisee chooses what to explore within each session, and ideally chooses their own clinical supervisor. Clinical supervision can be provided individually, in groups, or amongst peers.

A trained clinical supervisor will provide clinical supervision. They support effective, ethical, and safe practice for all clients, and help supervisees reflect on workplace concerns and understand issues that are relevant to their practice. Instead of supervising on-the-job or at the point of practice, our clinical supervisors provide support in a protected time and space away from the work environment.

Australian Clinical Supervision Association | The ACSA

Our vision


We envision an Australia where everyone can access clinical supervision, regardless of their discipline or location. With their wellbeing supported and practices refined, professionals will better support their clients and service users and shape the best possible outcomes for everyone.

At ACSA, we’re building this future by connecting people in helping professions to quality learning and meaningful professional relationships. Every one of our members is helping pave the way to a world of great clinical practice.

Australian Clinical Supervision Association | The ACSA

Our people


Being the voice of clinical supervision in Australia, we proudly welcome those who wish to join as clinical supervisors or as supervisees. We connect all our members with like-minded people who can support their journeys. 

Most members are health professionals, but we welcome people from all industries – education, justice, legal, community services, and more. We provide clinician-supervisees with a point of contact for resources and a place to come together for mutual growth and support.

Our Team


Brad Roser - Vice President | Australian Clinical Supervision Association | The ACSA

Brad Roser


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