Our members are at the heart of all we do at ACSA.

As a member, you will have opportunities to network with likeminded professionals across Australia and abroad. You do not need to be qualified in supervision to join us; anyone with an interest in supervision can become a member and contribute to our organisation. 


Membership bonuses

  • Local membership meeting (LMM) access
  • Personal service advertisements through our supervisor database
  • ACSA membership certificate & permission to use our logo
  • Essential document templates
  • On-demand webinar recordings
  • Discounted rates for conferences and other events
  • More perks that benefit your practice
Australian Clinical Supervision Association | The ACSA
Australian Clinical Supervision Association | The ACSA

Our role in clinical supervision

Network with like-minded people

As well as advocating for core skills and practices in our professions, ACSA helps clinical supervisors network with each other to refine the way they help others. We also help clinical supervisors connect to people who wish to be supervised.

What is involved in being a clinical supervisor?

Professional Support For Everyone

Clinical supervisors are experienced professionals in their industries who are passionate about supporting others in addition to their own work. They help their supervisees improve what they do through structured discussion and learner-led reflection, promoting safe spaces, and encouraging professional development away from work-environment pressures.

Reflection-based clinical supervision is a practice in its own right, and we promote a generic vision of clinical supervision skills that are contractual, relationship-based and reflective. With this in mind, clinical supervisors should be trained in what they do and undergo regular clinical supervision themselves.



Bev Love Testimonial | Australian Clinical Supervision Association | The ACSA

From a vision of two friends at a conference with an aspirational dream….
“Wouldn’t it be great if there was a national body of clinical supervisors from all backgrounds” to making it a reality.

The inaugural meeting of the Australian Clinical Supervision Association (ACSA) was hosted in Tweed Heads where I was part of a dedicated group who nutted out how to make it happen. Today, it is a place to direct enquiries to resources, find a supervisor, and connect with like-minded people.

The local member meetings are a place I feel the collegiality and connections from a wide variety of professionals with a common understanding of what clinical supervision provides.

Bev Love

Julie Sharrock Testimonial | Australian Clinical Supervision Association | The ACSA

Being a member of ACSA provides the opportunity for me to connect with like-minded colleagues who share a passion for clinical supervision. It is an association for all professionals interested in clinical supervision so I get to connect with a wide range of people. One of the highlights of my membership was the 2018 inaugural conference. It was a fantastic event where we focussed on all things supervision. Unfortunately our follow up conference was thwarted by COVID-19 but we have managed to connect and support each other during this time. Clinical supervision and collegiate support has never been so important as it has been as we have faced the challenges of the pandemic. I look forward to the continued development of ACSA, and the recognition that clinical supervision is an essential component of professional self-care that helps us keep ourselves in the best shape to provide competent and compassionate care to the people we serve.

Julie Sharrock

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